30DWC Week 1

First week of the 30 Day Writing Challenge is up, so far doing ok, I managed to get a post out everyday. I haven’t set any plans to write for at least 30 minutes every day, the main goal I had was to get a post out which so far I have.

For this years challenge I decided instead of just writing whatever came to mind, I’ve tried to have a couple of theme subjects to write about. They are learning NodeJS and updates on an ExpressJS app I’m working on, but now into the 2nd week I think these may change.

The reason for the change is one, the project I’m working on at work may switch to using Angular 2.x from Angular 1.x, so I will have to spend a bit of time outside work brushing up on Angular 2.x. This means my plan to focus on Node for the next few weeks will have to wait. Unfortunately this is the way contracting can be at times, you need to have the skillset for the project. As we could be mirgrating to Angular 2.x I’ll need to know about migrating an Angular 1.x app than I will ExpressJS.

The other topic I have been enjoying writing about is productivity and Todoist. I’m a big fan of Todoist and I’m always looking on ways to use it in order to improve how I work and how to use Todoist to work towards the goals I have, both business and personal.

One think I have found this year is that by having themes for your blog it makes it easier to come up with ideas of what to write for a post. I’ve also written a list of blog post titles for the 30 days of the challenge, this has helped when it comes to writing a post. I look at the list of titles pick anyone I think I can write about and get going.

Anyway week 1 is done and I’m enjoying writing for the blog again.