Beyond have been working with Google on their Learn With Google project for the last few years. I worked with the Beyond in-house team to develop a new job recommendation section of the site. Through writing new functionality in Angular and using Angular Elements to add new Angular sections to the AngularJS. Also set up an Nx workspace based solution so any new parts of the site can be written in Angular and managed with Nx.

Netwealth Investments

NetWeath Investments

Working with Netwealth to help with the development of their mobile app using Angular and Ionic 4. Great working with the Netwealth team, working full remote throughout the entire project. The mobile app is for their clients to see how their accounts are progressing and be able to contact the Netwealth team through a secure messaging system with the app.



Engaged by MakePositve develop an iPad application for their client’s sales team (Calor). Co-delivered highly responsive application to create new accounts, set up new business opportunities and manage the end-to-end sales process – from creating a new lead to contract signature.

House’s of Parliament

Houses of Parliament
UK Houses of Parliament

Engaged by Business Systems Team at the Houses of Parliament to work on internal applications which are used throughout Parliament.

Developed 2 Angular applications, leading the first usage of the new version of Angular within the department. Created a Material Design based app for the HR department to ensure an induction audit trail for all IT Department staff (circa 200). Produced a mobile application which displayed information about current discussion topics in the Commons chamber – this application loaded data, via an external API, containing data about the speaker, the topic discussed and start time. 

Chelsea FC

Chelsea FC
Chelsea FC

Engaged as part of the front-end team by Chelsea FC  to build a new website to replace  Utilised Angular 4 to integrate the backend APIs with the UI, creating components for the UI and services to access the APIs.