I’ve helped organisations like Google, BT, Solicitors Regulation Authority, Cambridge Assessment and the UK Houses of Parliament to improve their processes with custom-built web applications.

My focus is on doing what’s best for the client

A clear plan, well-written code and an application that works.

Here’s a sample of past projects:

The client: RealWear Inc

The brief: To work with existing team in delivering new features to set of applications and build new application for end users to manage their hardware devices

What I did: I assessed the application to see how it worked and then got to grips with what was needed for the new features. I worked on multiple applications all within a NX repo, helped and advised the team on improving the architecture. Delivered two new applications one for end users to manage hardware devices and one that used Twilio to join 3-way calls between mobile, device and web.

The result: Delivered two new applications for end users, helped team with improved architecture in order to create a library of components to use through all apps instead of recreating similar over and over.

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The client: SmartImpact

The brief: To take over from existing developer in the delivery of upgraded Angular appliction

What I did: After learning about how the application worked, I provided the client with estimates on the work needed to complete upgrade in order for them to relay this to the end client. Completed the upgrade and bug fixes within timescale, which was far less than original developer advised.

The result: By the end of my time on the project, my client was able to deliver the upgrade version of the application with no issues. The end client was happy with the results and able to continue using their application.

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The client: BT Group

The brief: To work as sole frontend developer on new project used by end users to see, via an interactive map, where cabling issues may arise.

What I did: I joined a small team as the only frontend developer and developed an application that displays the cabling of BT lines on an interactive map. Plotting masses of data on the map while creating a tool that is clear to use and see results on.

The result: At the end of the project, I delievered an application that worked as the client wanted, was well designed and developed so the internal team could take over and continue building upon.

The client: Cambridge Assessment

The brief: Join in-house team to lead on developing new exam authoring tool

What I did: I joined the team, worked on maintaining the existing authoring tool while working with stakeholders in designing requirements for new system.

The result: Designed and architected prototype of new authoring tool to replace existing paid system. Helped in-house team take over development of new system.

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Other projects

My book, Getting Started With Angular.

In 2019 I published my first book, Getting Started With Angular.

My hope is that the book helps budding Angular developers understand the platform and learn how to make the most of it. The process of writing it definitely taught me a lot.

Through explaining Angular in lots of detail in the book, I learnt more about using the platform myself. When you teach something to someone else you come to understand it more thoroughly. I’ve taught Angular on the job before but writing it down is a different experience.

Find out more about the book