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I went to my first SyncHerts event in a while. It was about mobile development, a favourite subject of mine, so I was keen to see what others in the local area are doing.

This was the second part of a 2 part event. In the first event people broke into teams and wrote user stories and made UI designs. In this the second part they needed developers to actually make these apps.

so again we split into teams and as the developer in the team I started making the app with Ionic. We only had 20-30 minutes before we had to demo to the other groups, which isn’t long enough to create a fully featured apps. But with the power of Ionic I was able to build an app that loads in a JSON file with a list of pizzas (it’s a pizza ordering app) then when you select on a pizza you get to see the full details of the pizza. Finally we added a Order button, so people could chose which one they wanted ordered for the next meet up.

We weren’t the only team using Ionic, another team had created a Ionic app that used a carousel to go from one pizza type to the next. Another team used Xamarin, and another team used Bootstrap with ASP MVC.

It was interesting to see how quickly people could get something together in such a small space of time. It was also interesting to see what technologies people would use.

I was impressed with how quickly you could build something that looked OK and worked using mobile web technologies like Ionic.  I was also able to load the app on my phone to demo using Ionic View.

I might add to the app and get it on GitHub


Post Author: Stephen Adams