My thoughts on the mobile web 

Currently the mobile web is growing and growing, every week there is a new ways of using web technologies to create mobile apps.My weapon of choice is Ionic, mainly because the Ionic team have created a framework that allows a web developer to create apps that work well and look fantastic. 
It really shows the power of the web, it’s everywhere, you can build anything with just HTML, CSS and JavaScript. For a company who want their product to reach as many platforms as possible, the mobile web is the ideal solution. A single web developer can built apps for mobile, tablet, desktop and now TV.

The web has always been an exciting place to be, but now with the options for the mobile web, being a web developer is a great place to be.

Unfortunately with more and more technologies coming out, different approaches to using web technology to develop cross platform apps. This ‘my technology is better than yours’ arguments start. Usually these are fuelled by the companies who’s technology it is. I mean they have to sell their product. But what is better, native, hybrid, or these ones that use web technologies to compile down to native. They are all great, but for me as a web developer I want to be able to create great apps for as many platforms as I can. For the people who use these apps, they don’t care what technology the apps was developed in. All they care is it works as they wanted to, it’s fast and looks good. For me as a web developer I want to use something that I can use my current skills for and Ionic is my platform of choice for these reasons.

So web developers enjoy this current growth we have in the mobile web it’s a very exciting time.

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