Nice ngClass tip

This is a useful thing I found while working on a Angular project, making a small note here in case I come across the need for something like this again. I’m working on a project where I have to loop through a list of items and display them in a table. Pretty straight forward stuff. … Read more

Scopes in Angular

I’ve been doing some reading up on AngularJS today to refresh my understanding of how it works. Today I was looking at Scope, here’s my notes on what I found out: Scope has a lifecycle made up of 5 stages Creation – when the root scope is created during the application bootstrap by the $injector … Read more

Review of AngularConnect

At the end of October I went to AngularConnect a massive Angular conference, the biggest conference I’ve ever been to. The first day of the conference was a series of workshops about Angular 2, Angular 1 and Ionic. I went to the Ionic workshop, which was all about Ionic 2.  It was a great workshop, using the … Read more