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Thinking in TypeScript

Throughout all my time with Angular and Vue, the one constant through both frameworks is TypeScript.

Generally, I always thought I knew TypeScript, but over the last couple of months, it’s clear that there is far more to TypeScript and what you can do with TypeScript than I knew.
After watching more and more videos on TypeScript I see that there is so much more I need and want to know about TS. So I’m starting to really study TS, to get to know it and make sure I’m using the advanced features of TS.

My plan for learning advanced TypeScript is:

  • Watch all the Matt Pocock Advanced TypeScript videos
  • Read through Programming TypeScript by Boris Cherry
  • Read Effective TypeScript by Dan Vanderkam
  • Read TypeScript 4 Design Patterns and Best Practices by Theo Despooudis

My aim is to learn the more advanced features of TS so when I have a new feature to add (using either Angular or Vue) or a bug to fix I start to think about the more advanced features of TypeScript e.g. Generics, Types, patterns etc, to how I approach this new feature or bug.