The Angular Renaissance has started with Angular 17

Yesterday (the 6th Nov) the new website was released as part of the new push for Angular, what is now being called the Angular Renaissance (a great way of putting it).

The new site looks amazing, the navigation is great, and the new docs are excellent. It is so much easier to find information in this new layout; the team has done an amazing job.

As part of the new launch, the Angular team hosted a live stream on YouTube going through the new features coming in Angular 17. Standalone components will be the default from version 17. There will be new component flow controls that will eventually replace ngIf and ngFor. There’s also the new deferred loading, which looks fantastic and is a great feature. Additionally, there is the ability to use ESBuild and Vite as replacements to the current build system, Webpack, making build times 2.5 times faster.

So Angular 17 is a major revamp of the framework, it can now really compete with the other web frameworks, and still continue to be an excellent choice for a company to invest their time and money using for their next web application.