Writing Maintable Angular

I’ve recently given my first talk on the great NgHuston YouTube channel, the topic of my talk was ‘Writing Maintain Code in Angular’.

The main idea of my talk is how we can structure our Angular code in order to make it maintainable for the long term use of the application. In the talk I go through two example apps, both with the same functionality, a book search app, but in the code I’ve tried to show how you set out your folders and components, lead to more maintainable code. That as the application grows it it easier to add new features and maintain when bugs arise.

If you want to see a video of my talk you can, here’s a link to the recording of my talk .

The main points of my talk

In the talk I tried to put across a series of points that are important in writing maintainable Angular code. These points are:

  • Make use of modules to structure your code into small sections
  • Use descriptive property names and function names
  • Make use of methods to write more descriptive code
  • Use Types to create a domain specific language describing the data of the application
  • Write tests that allow you to refactor your code to make it more maintainable
  • Refactor as you go, keeping the code tidy, manageable and readable

In the talk I expanded on these points and try to show through the code examples how to write the example code so it is more maintainable over time.

Here is a link to my slides from the talk.