This week in Angular
Photo by Mr Cup / Fabien Barral on Unsplash

Here is a list of news stories I’ve found interesting from around the world for the Angular platform.

Apps That Work Natively on the Web and Mobile

From the Angular official blog, we have a post about NativeScript and how you can now, thanks to Schematics in the Angular Cli, share code between desktop and mobile apps.

One codebase for both desktop and mobile, something that is very powerful. Max Lynch from the Ionic team did Tweet at the time that Ionic has been allowing developers to share code between desktop and mobile for a long time.

2 New Tools to help with AngularJS to Angular Migrations

Another story from the official Angular Blog, on two tools that will help to make upgrading from AngularJS to Angular. One tool is a CLI tool called ngMigration. This tool will analyse your application and gives a list of recommended changes you need to make in order to prepare for migration to Angular. This is extremely clever and gives anyone a great starting point when you want to migrate to Angular. 

The second tool, is a forum where tips and tricks can be shared on how to migrate to Angular, and a place to ask for help during a migration.

Nrwl Nx 6.3: Faster Testing with Jest

The Nrwl team has just released a new update to NX, now at version 6.3. This release now has support for Jest, the test runner from Facebook. Now with this latest release Jest can be used as the test runner instead of Karma. According to their blog post, the main reason for using Jest over Karma is performance. Jest is fast, but not only that Jest has better reporting, uses Node so no need to link to the browser and Jest has excellent Mocking.

I’ve not used NX as yet, but I can see there is a really need for large scale Angular applications to have fast running tests. With this new release of NX, Nrwl are building an excellent tool for enterprise Angular teams.

RxJs Observables versus Subject

Continuing his brilliant articles on RxJs, Cory Ryan compares the different types of Observables that RxJs provides. Cory has written a number of great articles on RxJs, as well as articles on Tree Shaking in Angular, classes in TypeScript. His blog is a great resource for any Angular developer.

Angular Patterns 3: flexible and scaleable design of complex page

In this article, Adriano di Lauro goes through a set of patterns he has developed over his time developing Angular applications. There are many articles about how to use the latest features of a framework, or how to use a certain library. So it’s good to read, for a change, an article about how someone approaches a problem within Angular. Adriano also has articles on how he organises modules and what considerations to have when writing reusable components.

There is a lot happening within the Angular eco-system, but these posts I found really interesting.