Why should startups pick hybrid

When starting an app based startup you have a couple of options, one you could pick one platform to target first, two pick to hit all platforms at once with their own native app or build a cross platform app using a technology that allows you to build cross platform from the one code base.
Depending on the size and budget of your startup maybe a factor for which option you pick. For those single founder companies, a guy with an idea but not the technicial skills to build an app the cross platform approach is a good option.
Going down this route allows you to find a developer who can build apps with one of these cross platform technologies and then work with them to build the app you are after.

Usually this developer is a solo developer who will/should work with you hand in hand helping you build the app you have in mind. Finding this developer can be tricky you need someone you get on with, someone who delivers and someone who will help advise you. It’s your idea but they need to use their skills in order to create the best cross platform app for your business.

So if you have an idea for an app, but don’t know how to build one, maybe a cross platform hybrid solution would be the best option to see your idea come to life.