Micro Blogging

As part of Marc Jenkins’s 30 day writing challenge I’ve been trying to get a blog post out every day. So far it’s gone ok. I have noticed that others who are taking part in the challenge are writing nearly 500 word essays every day, which is great but it looks hard to keep that consistency.

My aim in the challenge is to commit to generating a post every day. No matter what the topic is or how many words the post should be. It all depends on what I’m writing about and what I have to say about it.

There is a blogging movement (if there is such a thing) called microblogging where the idea is to write small posts, both in size and aggregated size. I think this came out from when services like Twitter and FaceBook started to become really popular and people used these social media services to put out content. A few years ago everyone had a website, with a blog inwhich they put out their content. Now everyone has a Twitter account instead of a website URL (or a GitHub account as a lot of web developers use instead of their website).

Eventually more people started to get a bit sick of Twitter and 140 character posts and went back to blogs, but started to mix the short form of Twitter with blog posts. Now a blog post doesn’t need to be 500-1000 words (like a school essay) 200 words is fine.

I do enjoy reading peoples blogs, especially web developers I look up to. People like Remy Sharp, Marc Jenkins, Ray Camden and Rachel Shillcock people who are actively blogging.

(Hey look at that just over 200 words, exam passed)