Why is web technology ideal for mobile

I’ve developed websites for over 15 years now, since Netscape came out. So I’ve done a lot of different websites and web applications, recently over the last 2-3 years mobile web has really grown, but there has always been the native vs web argument over which stack to use to develop mobile applications.

As a web developer I’m on the web side of the argument, the reasons for me that web suits me are, it allows me to develop mobile apps for both Android and iOS from one code base. This allows me as to develop both my own as well as apps for clients to reach both of the major platforms quicker and at the same time. 

It brings a real benefit to small to medium business who want to have a mobile app developed to hit both Android and iOS at the same time instead of getting both a iOS developer and a Android developer to create their app. Twice the number of developers cost twice as much and takes twice as long. I believe the mobile web is an ideal solution for SMB to create their mobile strategy.

Also mobile web allows me as a web developer to use the skills and experience I’ve gather over the last few years to create both responsive websites and mobile applications, using a framework like ionic to create cross platform apps.

Native is still a valid choice, but for me as a web developer the web wins.