jQuerymobile – what it needs to be good again

Working with jQuerymobile today, it’s so hard to go back to that after working with Ionic for the last few weeks. jQuerymobile is good and the original mobile/hybrid web framework, but it is now so far behind. For me this it what it needs:

  • A new grid system or one that has more classes and options to layout screens
  • New UI, the current on looks a little dated compared to other mobile frameworks
  • UI support for both iOS and Android, not one look for both platforms. This is especially important with Google’s drive to Material Design
  • Ability to work well with mainstream JS frameworks. If you have tried getting jQuerymobile to work with Angular and the routing within Angular you know how difficult it is to get working.
  • More components

jQuerymobile isn’t terrible its just getting a little stale and needs a new UI and built in support for a major JS framework (KnockoutJS works well with it, so does Backbone and HandlebarsJS).

The main thing jQuerymobile needs is a driving force behind it. Ionic has Drifty, KendoUI has Telerik, both companies are pushing forward with their hybrid frameworks, but who is driving jQuerymobile forward?