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I’ve seen a few web developers starting to write up a weekly blog post on what they have been up to throughout the week. As I was enjoying reading these types of posts I thought I’d start writing a weekly update on what’s going on at CGCSoftware.

What Went Well


Still working on a new Ionic 4 application, which hasn’t been released yet, but is getting close to a beta release. The Ionic v4 is really good, we’ve been using it since the beta release and had no issues with it.

Book Writing

Also still working on writing a book on Angular. Writing a book is a big task, and for my first book you really don’t realise how much work there is to creating a book, but it is a great way to dig deep into a subject.
I’m halfway through the first draft of the book, aiming for releasing it soon.

What didn’t go well

Freelance business growth

With working full-time on the Ionic application and writing the Angular book, there hasn’t been anytime to focus on running CGCSoftware.
As a freelancer I need to keep promoting my work in order for getting the next project after this Ionic project ends. This is a constant task you have for running a business.

Following GTD

I’m trying to follow the GTD methodology for both work and personal tasks. I do keep slipping in doing my weekly reviews, which I didn’t do last week.

Articles I’ve Read

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