Small update on Contacts Manger app

Progress on my Node app has slowed a bit, maybe it was a bit nuts to think I could blog everyday, build a complete Node app and work full time.
So far I’ve just got the basic shell of the app, nothing more than the app.js starting file. Not much more further on from my last update.

I’m going to change my plan slightly instead of building a complete app through the 30 days of the writing challenge. I’m going to study Node for the 30 days, write about what I learn. Then when near the end of the 30 days I’ll be in a better place to get building my app.

The first thing I need to do is go through all the EggHead IO videos there are on Express. I’ve watched them before while on the commute home, but I have sat down at home, watched them and made notes. This will really help with me understanding routes.

I think I understand the concept of them and how Express uses them, but the syntax for writing them alway alludes me. Re-watching the videos, making notes and practicing writing the routing of my app will help.