Plan for learning NodeJS

How do I plan to learn NodeJS over the next 30 days? Well obviously you can’t learn all of Node in just 30 days, but you can learn how to use Node in build a decent web app.

So my plan is simple I’m gong to build a web app using Node, I mean as Chris Coyer says in order to learn to about the web then ‘just build websites’. I’m going to use ExpressJS as the framework I’ll use to build my new web app.

The app itself is going to be a ‘contacts manager’ where you can add, edit and delete contacts. An app like this will, I think, give go overview on the Express framework. How to create views, how to manage actions, how to write Middlewares, how Express handles routes and finally I can also look into how to connect to a datasource (Mongo).

Building this app gives a great overview of how to use Express.

I also have an EggHead account and they have a few Node views and these complete courses:

I also have some a few Node books to read:

Plenty to read, watch and do over the next 30 days.