Plans for 30 Day Writing Challenge

It’s nearly April which means two things, 1 it’s getting near my birthday and 2 its the start of another 30 Day Writing Challenge which I took part in last year.

The idea, started by Marc Jenkins, is simple write online everyday throughout April. It sounds a simple challenge, but as I found out last year, it can be difficult to find ideas of what to write every day.

So this year I’m going for more of a theme on which to base my posts on. For this year I’m going to write about learning Node throughout April.

I’ve been thinking about learning Node for the last few weeks/months, but never sat down to really learn it, to build a project using Node or how it works in detail. As it is one of the things I want to start doing in 2017 it seems like an idea opportunity to both learn it and write about it at the same time.

The benefits of writing about what you learn is that it helps galvanise your understanding of a topic. If you’re ideas are mislead hopefully someone reading your post will be able to correct you. By being part of a challenge like the 30 Day Challenge, where you are held accountable for posting every day, means that you have to do what you’ve said you’ll do.