Review of my first AngularZone meetup

It was my first time at the new SkillsMatter premises and wow that place is amazing. It’s over 2 levels, level 1 has a large meeting room ideal for large meet-up groups and mini single track conferences. While on the lower level there is a slightly small room ideal for smaller second track sessions or large training sessions. There is also a few smaller training rooms. In the middle of all these lower rooms is a bar, table tennis and seats ideal for the social side of meet-ups.
The AngularZone meet-up had 3 talks, one by the main organiser on AngularZone all about the new features in Angular 2.1 (yep we’re on version 2.1 already, (Angular releases are like buses you wait ages for one to come then 2 come along at the same, we’ll nearly the same time). The new parts of Angular are simplified animations and better preloading of modules.
Lazy loading modules preLoader looks a great feature. I personally can’t wait to use it and see how it will improve sites.
The second talk was from Ari Lerner, who wrote the original ngBook and co-authored the new ngBook 2. His talk was really interesting, all about how he is using features of Angular 2 for intelligent A/B testing. If his talk is available to see after ngEurope it is well worth looking out for.
The final talk of the night was a quick tour through GraphQL. I have to admit I’ve never see it before this and I was really impressed. GraphQL will make a great backend for an Angular app.
I’m looking forward to the next AngularZone.

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