Why I like using web technologies for mobile

I was walking my dog this morning, thinking why do dogs like sniffing where other dogs have peed (pretty gross) and if I was asked why I like using mobile technologies for building mobile apps, what would my answer be.

Well there are a couple of answers to that question. First I think that if you are running a web agency and one of your major clients comes to you and says ‘we love the website you created for us, can you also build us a mobile app that uses a feature of the site, and we want it in the next 6 weeks’. This a great example of when a hybrid or mobile technology built app (NativeScript or AppCelerator) is a great solution. Because it allows the web agency to use their in house skills straight away on the project. They don’t have to hire either an iOS or Android developer, they can get the web developers they have starting on the project.

Another time a hybrid app is a good solution is when someone has an idea for an app, but don’t have the skills required for building the app. They do know that they want to hit both iOS and Android (and now Windows with the latest beta of Ionic 2). Getting a developer who can build a hybrid app will allow the app entrepreneur to get a version of their app out there to customers to see how well the app does and if their idea takes off.

I do think that hybrid is not the answer to everything. Apps that need to be high performing, or need to closely integrate with OS native is the way to go. Also if your company is large enough to have it’s own in house native developers then it make sense to use what skills you already have.

On the flip side of this argument is this article by Keith Elliot – Your Hybrid App is Going to Kill You (a bit harsh title, but still an interesting read).

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