Stay on target, stay on target

The other day I was watching the Developer Insights videos on the Apple Developer website. The video that I really enjoyed was the one with Brian Mueller who developers the Carrot suite of apps.

While watching those videos I did start to think ‘ah native development looks fun, building apps for iOS, Mac and Apple Watch. Maybe I should start learning Swift’. So then I started downloading the free books on Swift from iBooks and following Swift accounts on Twitter.

Then another thought popped into my head (my second thought of the day, it was a good day). Do I really need to start learning something new? Don’t I want to specialise in Ionic development? And this reminded me that I should keep reminding myself of my main aim and sometimes remind myself to ‘stay on target’ working towards my main goal of becoming an independent Ionic developer.

Of course I will take on jobs/contracts that may not involve working day to day with Ionic, but as long as the technology I’m using is related then I can’t see this being a problem, if for example I working with Angular 1 or 2 for a few weeks then that still helps. Learning a totally new platform e.g. Swift is not going to help me working towards my main goal.

So I need to set a regular reminder in my calendar to review where I’m at and what I’m doing to work to this goal.