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  Recently as part of the 30wdc Darren Beale wrote about his essential software I thought as part of my post for today I’d list the software I use everyday.

  • Webstorm – I use to be a sublime text fan, but recently ST has stopped progressing, version 3 seems to have been in beta for years. So I have switched to Webstorm and in my opinion I think it is the best JavaScript editor there is. It has support for Ionic, Angular 1 and 2, TypeScript, ES6 and Node. The support and innovation that the Jetbrains team put behind Webstorm is fantastic.
  • Todoist, I’ve used other task apps like Wunderlist, and Trello, but for me Todoist is my favourite todo app. I’m currently trying to use GTD and Todoist can really support GTD. I have been watching a lot of Carl Pullein’s YouTube channel all about using Todoist for GTD (his channel is well worth checking out)
  • Evernote, this is where all my notes, ideas and business ideas go. Being able to record everything in your brain into one app that you can access from anywhere is great. I’m a big Evernote fan.
  • DeskPM, is the tool I use to write my blog posts. It’s been created by indie dev John Saddington. It links to multiple blogs, WordPress, Blogger and Medium. Has a full screen mode so you can just concentrate on writing, it’s a great app.

So these are the main apps I’m using right now. 

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