Halfway through 30dwc

 For those taking part in the 30 day writing challenge, we are now half way through according to Marc, who started off this challenge.

So far I’ve been enjoying the challenge it’s been good to take a challenge of doing something every day for 30 days. Forcing yourself to write a blog post, to come up with a subject and get a post written each day has been a challenge.

Some people has made writing a post as part of their morning routine. Some people have been writing large essays, I’ve decided to go down the route of having a mix between longer posts and small micro blogging posts. I’ve also tried to have a theme for my posts from being a contractor to indie development.

It’s been good to have a challenge where you have to do something every day. It goes to show that if you want to pick up a new hobby or habit a 30 day challenge is a good way to start something new. 

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