Getting Sh*t Done

For the last few months I’ve been trying to get on with GTD, I’ve read the book, watched videos on it, read hundreds of blog posts about it, but I still can’t seem to get into it to using it everyday.

Like a lot of freelancers/contractors I have tons of ideas like, creating apps, learning new technologies as well as all the day to day tasks you have like getting the car cleaned, finding a gardener etc. 

I also want a way to create tasks for each thing I need to do as I’m coding. I like the idea of braking down a piece of functionality I have to add to an app into small tasks. So I want a lot from a task management system.

I’m currently using Todoist as my task management app and it’s great and very flexible. But getting things done does not seem to be happening. So I’m currently going through a reevaluation of how I use GTD and Todoist. I’m going to create a project that will contain the 3 goals I have for the upcoming week. Also I’m going to create time slots in my calendar for when I’m going to work on something. 

I do think that having due dates is a waste of time because if you miss one then every time you look at your task app it like its nagging you about something you might not have the time to get done that day. 

So to recap I want a way of 

  • Keeping track of things I need to do that day
  • Get moving on projects I have for both myself and clients
  • Write tasks I need to do as writing code
  • Remember the things I need to do around the house
  • Odd jobs that need to be done, calls to make, emails to read 
  • Working towards main goals

I do expect that the problem is not so much GTD but how I’m using it. I think more research and trial and error is needed.

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