Node training course

On Friday I attended a one day Node course by White October. This course was run by Tim Ruffles

It was a great course, pretty full on and fast paced. Tim is a great instructor, who really knows his stuff and was a great tutor.

When I started the course I knew a little about Node and some ExpressJS, but after sitting through the course I realised I need to learn a lot more about Node and how to write Node, especially the callback pattern.  For what I learnt during the course, the callback pattern is extremely important to get right or your Node code can quickly turn into a right mess.

Here’s a good link to understanding the Node way:

The Node Way

I’ve also got a couple of books to read through:

So plenty to get through.

White October put on some good events. The next big event I’m going to is the AngularConnect conference in October



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