Freelance Podcasts

I’ve been looking for more podcasts to listen to especially freelancing podcasts. Some of the ones I’ve found include: Being Freelance Clients from Hell The Smart Business Show Sunday Dispatches The Freelancers Teabreak Freelance Transformation Double Your Freelancing I’ve also gotten into watch some freelancers vlogs on YouTube. I started watching more and more after … Read more

2016 – Wasn’t to bad

2016 wasn’t too bad for me, considering that a few years ago around this time I had just got out of hospital, I had blood clots in my legs and a kidney that hardly worked. 2016 started with me getting 2 Ionic freelance projects. I’ve always wanted to go 100% freelance specialising in Ionic mobile … Read more

Stay on target, stay on target

The other day I was watching the Developer Insights videos on the Apple Developer website. The video that I really enjoyed was the one with Brian Mueller who developers the Carrot suite of apps. While watching those videos I did start to think ‘ah native development looks fun, building apps for iOS, Mac and Apple … Read more