Using Desk 3

I’ve recently upgraded to the new version of Desk, which is a great desktop app for blogging. Before I was using the previous version, but I decided that it’s time to upgrade. In version 2 you could setup links to WordPress, Blogger (if you still use this) and Medium. Now in version 3 it’s just … Read more

Why write

There has been a big discussion in the Inline slack group about the 30 day writing challenge. The main theme of the discussion was about how some people are finding it hard to write something every day. It was a good discussion because finding the time to sit down and write something does take commitment … Read more

30 days of blogging 

I’ve recently signed up for Marc Jenkins’ 30 Days Writing Challenge to improve my blogging output. I do like reading blog posts from developers who writing about their day to day working lives as well as technicial posts. I’ve not really written many technicial posts, just because I don’t want to write something that is incorrect, but … Read more