Scopes in Angular

I’ve been doing some reading up on AngularJS today to refresh my understanding of how it works. Today I was looking at Scope, here’s my notes on what I found out: Scope has a lifecycle made up of 5 stages Creation – when the root scope is created during the application bootstrap by the $injector … Read more

Software I use

  Recently as part of the 30wdc Darren Beale wrote about his essential software I thought as part of my post for today I’d list the software I use everyday. Webstorm – I use to be a sublime text fan, but recently ST has stopped progressing, version 3 seems to have been in beta for years. … Read more

Micro Blogging

As part of Marc Jenkins’s 30 day writing challenge I’ve been trying to get a blog post out every day. So far it’s gone ok. I have noticed that others who are taking part in the challenge are writing nearly 500 word essays every day, which is great but it looks hard to keep that … Read more

Freelancing Websites

Over my last few posts I have been talking about contracting and why I personally like contracting. There are two main ways of finding work as a contractor either through recruitment agencies or via freelance websites. There are many of these freelancing websites, Upwork, Freelancer (UK), PeoplePerHour and Toptal. Sometimes I have shied away from these … Read more